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Ambrosia Of AuburnGourmet Preserves from the Clare Valley in South Australia

Jams and Jellies

Quince Jelly

Delicious on fresh crusty bread or toast. Use as a condiment or glaze with roast chicken, turkey, goat & lamb.

Grape and Apple Jelly

Delightful as a spread. A refreshing addition to a Devonshire tea. Serve atop cream cheese & crackers as an appetizer.

Spiced Quince & Apple Jelly

Scrumptious on muffins or warm scones with clotted cream.

Apple Jelly

Delectable on scones or pancakes. An excellent accompaniment to roast meats.

Rich Orange Marmalade

Serve warmed with ice-cream or pecan pie. A rich, zesty glaze for ham, duck or chicken.

Liqueur Mandarin Marmalade

Sweet mandarin marmalade laced with Clare Valley liqueur. Perfect on toast, ice-cream and in desserts.

Old Fashioned Marmalade

An old fashioned scotch style marmalade. A favourite on fresh crusty bread or toast.

Fig & Sherry Conserve

Sun-ripened figs, blended with Clare Valley Sherry. Delicious served with warm scones, croissants, toast or English muffins.

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