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Ambrosia Of AuburnGourmet Preserves from the Clare Valley in South Australia

Relishes and Chutneys

Clare Valley Shiraz Jelly

Shiraz Wine Jelly is created using premium Clare Valley Shiraz. Delicious served with beef, pork, lamb or ham. Teams nicely with cheese, pate & meat or poultry terrine.

Red Hot Chilli Jelly

Fiery hors d’oeuvre with cream cheese & water crackers. Use as a glaze or accompaniment for meats, game & poultry.

Hot ‘n’ Spicy Orange Chutney

A hot & tangy baste for roast duck & beef. An exciting condiment with sandwich meats, grilled fish or traditional English breakfast.


A nice accompaniment to a ploughman’s lunch. Tasty with cheese & cold meats such as ham or roast pork.

Roast Capsicum & Chilli Jam

Spicy appetizer atop cream cheese & crackers or as a dipping sauce with sour cream. Delicious with fish, meat & poultry.

Pear & Ginger Chutney

A tasty addition to pork or ham or as a condiment with curry dishes.

Spicy Indian Chutney

Serve with naan dipping bread or papadums & yoghurt as a spicy dip.

Mint & Apple Chutney

A spicy spin on a traditional favourite. Complements roast lamb, pork & Indian dishes.

Farmhouse Chutney

Serve with cheese or roast meats on fresh crusty bread. A spicy addition to casseroles or gravy.

Beetroot Jam

Enjoy this unique jam, simply spread on toast. Delicious on hamburgers or with cold roast meats and cheese in a fresh crusty bread sandwich.

Sweet Onion & Thyme Relish

Serve as a condiment on cheese sandwiches, hotdogs & hamburgers or a side dish to steak & other roast meats.

Sweet Mustard Pickle

A sweet mustard cucumber pickle, great with cheese or roast meats on crackers or on a fresh crusty bread sandwich.

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